Why we started

Four in a rowFour in a row Butterfly CoatButterfly Coat

Our young son Jake loved the outdoor life. From the age of two, at every opportunity he headed oudoors. In all weathers …..

In the garden invariably he found the muddy puddle.

PuddleDucks - Outdoor Clothing for all the family! 

At the beach, in all seasons he flung himself straight into the waves. He constantly got soaked. The washing piles multiplied. The chills and colds increased.

Then a friend sent us a pair of lovely waterproof dungarees which turned out to be a god-send. Once he had them on he could live the outdoor life and stay warm and dry. Friends asked us where we got them. They all remarked that it was so hard to find good kids waterproof clothes in Ireland. Which was surprising seeing as it rains for between 150 and 200 days a year here .

(source: http://www.met.ie/climate/climate-of-ireland.asp)

So we looked at the label on the waterproofs and contacted the manufacturer – Abeko of Sweden. We noticed that they already had agents in a number of European countries but not here in Ireland. We got in touch and luckily they were receptive to us taking on the role as Irish distributor. That was in Autumn 2004. We eventually had the business up and running in March 2005. The rest is history ….


  1. Roisin said

    Hi Suzanne + Aedan!
    Well done on the blog – looks great.
    Keep up the good Work!

  2. […] Aedan and Suzanne are naturals too at blogging and it’s cute and awwtastic to learn they started their business because of their son who liked the outdoors no matter the weather. Digg it! | Reddit | Del.icio.us | Stumble Upon […]

  3. Roisin – thanks a lot for the encouragement! We’ll try!

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