Starting a Blog

Back in February I received an email from Aileen of Aisling Software (of Sort My Books fame).  Aileen was  organising a ‘Business Blogging for Beginners’ course run by Damien Mulley, blogger extraordinaire who had  kindly offered his time free of charge.  Having been constantly told how much PuddleDucks needed a blog  this seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.  So, bleary eyed on a Saturday morning myself and 11 other wannabe bloggers arrived at the Maryborough Hotel.  There was an interesting mix of businesses ranging from alternative health companies to a tyre business to the newly launched website run by Ciara Freely.

Damien took us through the steps of how to use WordPress and patiently answered our questions. Some of the blank faces finally started to disappear as we realised that we might just manage this! My big question though, was, while it’s okay to sell waterproofs – does anyone really want to read about us selling them….?  Damien referred me to other business blogs such as English Cut which is the story of a tailor and his  sewing thimble and  Ice Cream Ireland, the fantastic blog of Murphy’s Ice Cream shop in Dingle. So I was convinced we should give it a go.  However, the story might have ended there were it not for my husband and PuddleDucks partner Aed. Computers are not really my favourite thing and I’m definitely not very techie and would have been easily put off by that side of things. Aed on the other hand has an IT background and will happily spend all day messing around on the PC. So it’s thanks to his persistence that the blog has happened.  And finally here we are – the PuddleDucks Blog!  Off we go … 

Thanks Damien, Thanks Aileen!

Written by Suzanne

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