Not so Cuil

I was interested to read the publicity yesterday about a new search engine called Cuil which aims to take on Google as the predominant search engine of choice. A tough task. So naturally I tried a few of our keywords that normally rank highly in Google. When I entered “waterproof clothes” in Cuil I was (at first) happy to see a PuddleDucks image located next to the number one search result.

Cuil Results

Cuil Results

However the site shown next to the image was not PuddleDucks– it was some Italian site – completely irrelevant to the search term. And the accompanying text was for a tent from Halfords! We were nowhere to be seen in the first 5 pages on the Cuil search results, whereas in Google we are result number 2 on page 1 in the list for “waterproof clothes”.

I’m not happy with Cuil. If a user sees our lovely image (shown here)

Butterfly Set

Butterfly Set

– which was taken in our front garden! – they might assume that the image was associated with the site shown alongside. Not so.  

I see (by searching on Google!) that this is a general issue with Cuil as reported here. I have complained to Cuil about this but of course have heard nothing back.

I suppose with any new product it takes some time to iron-out the bugs but this issue seems so fundamental I wonder why they went live at this stage with such a flawed product? And as we all know, first impressions matter. I won’t be switching from Google any time soon.

Written by Aedan


  1. Leon Quinn said

    Aedan, welcome to the disgruntled Cuil users club. Apparently I dont exist at all in its searches… Click my name to see my review of it!

  2. Leon – I did my search again today and low and behold we’re now there on the results. But instead of one of our images alongside it’s now a Realex logo! We use Realex and their logo is on our home page but they could have found a better image to accompany “waterproof clothes”. I suppost it’s an improvement but not much of one.


  3. Leon Quinn said

    Well I’ve no idea how their engine can possibly pick an appropriate image from your site unless maybe the image has a relevant alt tag. I found myself with “multimedia design leitrim” but strangely the image they have beside my link is ‘part’ of my logo but its not an image thats actually on my site.

    Lucky for us no-ones usin it eh!?

    I must say they are brave to even try to take on Google…

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