Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

When I heard that Google had launched their own browser called Chrome – my first task was to download and see how the PuddleDucks website and blog looked in it. The download was fast and easy and in a few minutes I was up and running on Chrome. The website and blog looked and worked fine in Chrome. It’s hard to measure it but I think the page load time is faster in Chrome. One feature I especially like is that the Google search is built into the address bar. So type in a search keyword and it will display the normal google search results. Type in a partial web address and it will try to resolve and will display your history for visited sites similar to what you have typed. Overall I like it – although one omission is that there is no support for the Google toolbar. I miss having the Google Page Rank available for all sites visited. It’s only Beta so I’m sure that support for the toolbar will come in time.


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