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Facebook Ads and how they compare to Google Adwords

Since reading some posts a few months back on Damien’s Blog and the eWrite blog about Facebook Ads, we have recently tried them out for PuddleDucks. We were lucky enough to get the free $100 of advertising from the Visa Network Application. So I set up our Facebook ad on the 2nd October and off we went. I set the daily budget to $5.00 Here’s the ad we ran:

Setting Up:

It’s quick and easy to get going. I love the way you can select your demographic of the Facebook users you want to see the ad.  As most of our customers are mothers of kids, I tried to get this selection when setting up the ad. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t store any information on whether the member has kids or not. This is a pity. So I had to do my best to get as close to our ideal selection as possible. I did this by selecting women over 27 and under 50 – either married or in a relationship. It’s the best I could do – I hope this isn’t sexist or anything!! The only problem with this is I could never see the ad actually appear on a Facebook page as I don’t meet these criteria! 

Amount of Clicks:

We were getting between 8 and 12 clicks per day with an average of about 10. The click through rate was very low – it varied between 0.07% and 0.14%. For instance yesterday I got 12 clicks out of 9,019 impressions which is a CTR of 0.13%. By comparison, our Click through Rate for one of our Google Adwords campaigns was 2.45% for the last week. This difference is understandable – by its very nature the CTR for Facebook Ads will be a lot lower than for Google Adwords.


I set the budget to $5.00 (€3.87) per day. And I originally set the cost per click to $0.60. After a few weeks I reduced the cost per click to $0.40 and then the number of clicks I got per day increased slightly. On most days we were only charged between $3 and $4.

Pages Viewed and Bounce Rate (data analysed from Google Analytics):

[For those unfamiliar, bounce rate is a measure of whether a visitor directed to a website moves from the initial landing page (usually the home page) or whether they “bounce out” of the website immediately back to the source webpage.] 

Facebook Ads compare quite favourably with Google Adwords. Visitors from Facebook Ads viewed an average of 3.72 pages and the Bounce Rate was 33%. The comparable figures for Google Adwords in the sample period was 5 pages per visitor and a 29.5% Bounce Rate. I am quite happy with Facebooks results here considering that visitors from Google Adwords are expressly looking for a product while the visitors from Facebook are clicking the ad they happen to notice while they were going about their normal Facebook activities.

Conversion to Sales:

For us, Facebook does not fare very well in getting many sale conversions directly from the Facebook Ad click. Our conversion rate was less than 1% whereas we are getting over 5% conversion to sales from Adwords. (according to Gloogle Analytics)


I enjoyed trying out Facebook Ads for PuddleDucks. We got good traffic but the conversions to actual sales were quite poor. The future benefit of the Facebook Ad traffic is not tangible but I think it can show positive benefits for brand awareness and hopefully some of these visitors will come back, independently of Facebook and purchase at some time in the future. Now that we have used up our free $100 advertising I think I’ll pause it for a while and think of other ways we can use the Facebook Ads in the future. Maybe promote specific products (with clicks to specific landing pages), maybe do something for the Christmas market and maybe bring visitors to our Facebook fan page rather than the website home page. I’ll continue with Google Adwords as it always brings satisfactory sales. In the meantime I’d be interested in hearing of anyone else’s experience of using Facebook Ads to generate sales.

— Aedan

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PuddleDucks on Twitter

Here at PuddleDucks HQ (aka corner of the living room!), we’re always looking for ways to reach and keep in touch with customers. Things move quickly in the new social media and online PR world and we feel that small online businesses (like us!) need to move quickly to keep up. In the last three months we have started this blog, created a Facebook fan page and in the last few days we have finally set up on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter we’d love if you would follow us here. I am excited about having another way to highlight the news about PuddleDucks and to chat to our followers (and to follow too). I am not sure how it will work for us but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’ll blog soon again about Twitter and our experience of it.

Here’s a snip of the Contact Us details from our Home Page:

Contact Us

Contact Us

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High Visibility Clothes for Winter

As the winter is now fast approaching (sigh!) and the clocks go back this weekend, we have taken the opportunity to pull together all our special high visibility clothes into a new category on the website. You can see all the range here. These clothes are great for the dark mornings or evenings where high visibility is extra important for kids walking or cycling to and from school.

High Visibility Range

High Visibility Range

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On the beach …

On the beach ...

On the beach ...

Fountainstown Beach on a misty Sunday morning – surely this is what Sundays are made for!  Hardly anyone else around except a few other dog-walkers and the sun slowly breaking through the clouds shooing the mist away.  Aed and J attempted a bit of fishing – lots of shrimps and crabs but not much else (all returned to their rock pools later of course) while Pepper ran and splashed and ran and splashed and Rory (our old collie) spent his time lazily sniffing around the rocks.  As for me, well I just enjoyed the whole scene….

— Suzanne

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Word of Mouse Marketing Seminar in Limerick on October 7th

I travelled up to Limerick yesterday to attend the Word of Mouse Marketing seminar organised by the IIA and the Limerick County Enterprise Board. It was a very interesting and informative event. The morning session was given by Krishna De – the well known Internet marketing and Social Media expert. The whole social media space is one I have an interest in and in the last few months have dipped the PuddleDucks toes in the water of the social media sea. We have this blog, we have a Facebook page, we have started advertising on Facebook and I am soon to start a PuddleDucks presence on Twitter. The reason for all this is to find new ways to reach and keep in touch with our customers about our PuddleDucks products, news, offers, etc. The great thing about marketing on social media platforms is that it is free of charge but does need a sizeable time investment. This is the great difference between the old way of doing things in the established media and the new way on the new social media. As Krishna said – everyone can now be a marketer for their business as the new platforms are free or inexpensive.

Krishna’s presentation was very interesting and here’s a few “to-do’s” I have taken away from it:

  • set PuddleDucks up on Twitter
  • create a PuddleDucks photo page on – maybe show photos of our our lovely gift wrapping
  • register on key social networks
  • check and maybe update my personal profile on social networking sites
  • check on RSS reader on our blog and allow email subscriptions to the blog
  • put link to our Xtreme PuddleDucking video on our next email newsletter!

The afternoon sessions were also very enjoyable especially Fred Karsson of who shared his experiences of building a successful online business. Fred’s presentation was both informative and humerous and it’s amazing how DoneDeal has built their business to be so successful in a relatively short time. One tip I have taken from Fred’s talk is to check our spend on Google Adwords and reduce the Cost per Click for the top performing ads.

Of course the networking opportunities are very important too. I met Liz from StyleBible– who had very kindly written a review of PuddleDucks on her site. I had a long chat too with Roseanne of IIA blog fame about Twitter (she live-twittered the event), blogging and how her kids love wearing their PuddleDucks “fireman’s trousers”.

Overall a very enjoyable day. Thanks to all the organisers and presenters.

— Aedan

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Jack and Jill Foundation

The Jack and Jill Foundation is our designated charity and we are delighted to donate one percent of our sales to supporting their good work. The Foundation provides home respite for young children who suffer from severe developmental delay and associated problems. It provides direct funding to parents enabling them to purchase essential care for their kids. 

As you may know, the Jack and Jill foundation organise a recycling scheme for your old mobile phones, digital cameras and printer cartridges. All proceeds go to the work of the charity. To help all you need to do is to send your old phone and any other redundant digital paraphernalia free of charge to :

The Jack & Jill Appeal, Freepost, Ratoath Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.

Working phones are refurbished and exported to developing countries. Broken phones are recycled using the correct environmental methods. The funds are used to provide respite care to families with children with developmental needs.

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Our new Hot Pink Jacket has arrived!

Hot Pink Jacket

Hot Pink Jacket

We have lots of new arrivals in our range for Autumn and Winter 2008. The first to arrive is a lovely winter jacket for girls from age 2 to age 10. We call it the Hot Pink Jacket (for obvious reasons) and it’s a beautifully designed jacket which is padded with a soft fleece lining that is warm and cosy without making the jacket heavy.  See all the details here.

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