Jack and Jill Foundation

The Jack and Jill Foundation is our designated charity and we are delighted to donate one percent of our sales to supporting their good work. The Foundation provides home respite for young children who suffer from severe developmental delay and associated problems. It provides direct funding to parents enabling them to purchase essential care for their kids. 

As you may know, the Jack and Jill foundation organise a recycling scheme for your old mobile phones, digital cameras and printer cartridges. All proceeds go to the work of the charity. To help all you need to do is to send your old phone and any other redundant digital paraphernalia free of charge to :

The Jack & Jill Appeal, Freepost, Ratoath Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.

Working phones are refurbished and exported to developing countries. Broken phones are recycled using the correct environmental methods. The funds are used to provide respite care to families with children with developmental needs.

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