Postcode a no-no for Irish shopping sites

Doing my Christmas Shopping. Online of course. I’m not really a shopping fan. I’d much rather a walk in the woods with the dogs than a trip down to the shopping centre. So buying online suits me perfectly. This Christmas I’m trying to shop locally and only use Irish-based sites, but am continuously finding one annoying feature.  The postcode / zip code issue.


Why is it that an Irish website marketing itself primarily to the Irish market insists on a postcode. OK – have an option for one, sure. Just don’t insist on it.  One site lost my business because the delivery details page was so inflexible that I gave up.  Another at least let me put in a few 0000’s and allowed this so I did complete my order. But please, if the majority of your customers are from Ireland please make it easier for all of us and rewrite your postcode option.

— Suzanne


  1. garydubh said

    There is a post code system for Ireland – see

    • @garydubh As we understand it, your link is to a proposed postcode system but as reported here there is no national postcode system in Ireland. Ask any man or woman on an Irish street what is their postcode and do you think they will know? Therefore a shopping site that insists on a customer entering a postcode for delivery in Ireland is being “unfriendly”. I agree it is a good idea to introduce a system but we don’t have one yet.

  2. garydubh said

    PS come down to GPS Ireland in Crosshaven ( W5K 59VN ) and we will show you PON codes working on SatNav’s

  3. jason mc gilloway said

    i don’t no which is worse, the fact that we don’t have post code or, the fact that we are constanly asked for one. i have been trying to order stuff on-line and i’m getting nowhere, all because of a post code. it means that we(irish people in general) can not avail of the great discount from the net and huge variety that other people across the globe can. either we create a postal code system or it the compulsory entry of one is disregarded when we select the country!

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