Warm Clothes for the Irish Winter

It cold out there – very cold. As I write this it is past noon but the frost is still on the grass – even though it’s nice and sunny out there. This is lovely weather to get out and about in the countryside with the kids. But it’s important to wrap up warm. So with that in mind here are my top 5 tips from the PuddleDucks children’s range to get out and about and keep warm this chilly winter:

1. Fleece-lined Set – Winter Red

Fleece-lined Set

Fleece-lined Set

2. Fleece-lined Set – Sand

3. Hot Pink Star Jacket

Hot Pink Jacket

Hot Pink Jacket

4. Long Padded Jacket

5. Waterproof Fleece-Lined Coat

Fleece-lined Coat

Fleece-lined Coat

Special Offer:

To get 10% off any of these items please put the code “Brrrr” in the Customer Notes and I’ll make a refund of 10% of the item cost to your card. We’ll also put in a free Trespass drinking bottle (value €10.50).

Happy Wintering!

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