Tuesday Push: IGOpeople – Networking for the Real World

The Tuesday Push is back. I was a spectator when it was running last year and it’s great to take part this year. The Tuesday Push is a way to highlighting innovative Irish tech startups and giving exposure to their service or product.


Today’s push is for IGOpeople – a social network made up of Individuals, Groups and Organisiations. I have joined for PuddleDucks as an organisation and I’m looking forward to some open engagement with customers. I think IGOpeople has the structure to support extended conversations with you communities.

I also have a Facebook Fan page for PuddeDucks. I prefer the IGOpeople interface for engaging with people who sign up for your network. I also preferthe terminology. I am a little embarrassed at having to call people “Fans” on Facebook – joining your network on IGOPeople or being Followers is much more grown-up.

As I say i have joined as PuddleDucks as an Organisation. I also think I should join as an individual so I can join in the chat without carrying the business responsibility on my back.

Overall I am impressed with IGOpeople and would advise anyone to join. After all, the more the merrier – the larger the community, the better the debate.

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