Latest Facebook Ad Campaign Results

We did another campaign on Facebook for our January Sale. It was run over a period of 7 days. The ad looked like this.


The landing page for the ad was our home page and after the 7 days the stats looked like this:

Impressions: 116,744

Clicks 170

Click Through Rate %: 0.15

Cost Per Click: $0.16

Total Cost: $26.78

Looking at Google Analytics I see that we received one conversion from the campaign. The bounce rate was also quite high at 44.27%.


The cost per sale of $26.78 was high – much higher than the cost per sale for our Google Adwords. As we found in our previous campaigns, Facebook Ads are not great for conversion to sales as users are not in a shopping mode at the time. They are good for getting traffic to your site and for brand awareness.

I’m going to try another experiment with Facebook Ads again soon. For the next campaign I’ll attempt to get signup to our newsletter and maybe incentivise by offering entry in a prize draw. I expect that the conversions for signups will be higher than conversions for sales. It will make an interesting experiment anyway and I will publish my results here.


  1. Roseanne said

    Hi Aedan,

    Thanks for sharing the information about your ad campaign. Business people are always hungry for these kind of stats to compare their experience too so fair play for sharing. I know Sabrina Dent seemed to have a more positive experience recently. You could be onto something about the buying mode….



    • Hi Roseanne,
      Thanks for you feedback. I have looked at Sabrina’s post on Facebook Ads and she agrees that for all their positives, they still are not great at conversions. I’m still a fan of Facebook Ads and I will try them again. But the next time I’ll do it to a newsletter signup with an incentive. I think expecting Facebook users to stop what they’re doing and divert to go through the whole online purchase process is asking a bit too much.
      Cheers — Aedan

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  3. Sabrina said

    Hey, next time you’re going to do this, drop me an email because I’d love to trial a few tactics with you and see if they up your click-thrus – those seem low to me and I think there are other things you can try.


    • Hi Sabrina —

      Thanks for the offer. I’ll be in touch the next time we give Facebook ads a go. I’d love to get your input on how to improve the click-throughs.

      — Aedan

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