TuesdayPush: Pushing the Push

I had been observing Tuesday Push for a while before I had our blog up and running. I always thought it was a great idea – a way for the Irish tech community to support their own in a coordinated way – highlighting a new product or service every second Tuesday across their blogs or websites.

Last year eight companies were pushed. And recently I had the opportunity to partake myself with the last 2 pushes for IGOpeople and Twitter Mosaic.

Tuesday Push is only one of many examples of the community spirit of the Irish tech community. Other examples are Free Blog Training, Open Coffees, Barcamps, Bizcamps, Support on Twitter and IGOPeople. It is really impressive that people are willing to provide free support and time to others in the community.  

There are some guidelines for who can be selected for being pushed. The product or service must be in some way innovative or unique. And you should only push if you genuinely believe in the push-ee.

I look forward to continuing to push in the future.

If you want to be pushed the application is here.

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