PuddleDucks on Pix.ie

 Inspired by an talk by Krishna De at a seminar last October, I set up a PuddleDucks page on the Irish photo-sharing website pix.ie.


The idea was that we could show off the lovely gift wrapping that Suzanne does for customers wishing to send our PuddleDucks waterproof gear as gifts to friends or family.


Suzanne takes great care and pride in the gift wrapping and I think the photos of them look good when collected together. Click here to see all our photos on pix.ie.

The gift wrapping service costs an extra €3 (gift wrap) or €5 (gift box) and can be selected as an option when ordering online. A complimentary card with the message of your choice is also included.


  1. Krishna De said

    What a great outcome – I always love it when ideas shared in workshops are implemented. The gift wrapping is wonderful.

    I wonder for SEO reasons and also customer service i.e. people saying they would like a certain style of wrapping if you could label the images. It may take a little time but it’s something I think you could benefit from either on Pix.ie or Flickr. And of course don’t forget to add the images to your Facebook page too!

  2. […] Puddleducks the waterproof and outdoor clothing store for all the family have started to do this and they recently created a page on Pix.ie to share images of their gift wrapping service. (The generously credit the idea to having heard me speak about this […]

  3. Hi Krishna – thanks for the comment and the tips. I will definitely get back and label the photos and add them to our facebook page. Great ideas.

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