Don’t be a Dark Horse

Hurray! Spring seems to be here at last. These are the days to get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also a good time for a reminder for anyone out cycling, walking or riding on the roads. Make sure you are visible on the roads!  

Be Safe Be Seen

Be Safe Be Seen

High visibility gear can literally mean the difference between life and death. It allows a driver travelling at 50kph a further 3 seconds to see you – that’s an extra 60 metres to react and avoid a potential accident. It’s just a short distance – but one that could potentially be enough to save your life.  Spring mornings and evenings can be quite hazy and even on bright days ensuring that you are as visible as possible is a simple way to help protect yourself. And how often does the weather change while you are out. You head out in nice sunshine only to return in dull and hazy conditions.  

 These days many councils provide High Viz Vests free of charge for adults and we, of course have our own High Visibility Range for children.  See the range here.

So don’t be a dark horse!  Get some high visibility gear and help protect yourself and other road users.

— Suzanne

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