PuddleDuckers Out and About 4

The next in the series of PuddleDuckers Out and About comes from Sorcha Healy from Co. Cork.  Sorcha posted the photo on our Facebook page and has kindly allowed us to post it here too. The photo shows Sorcha’s children Eibhlin and Ruairi having fun on the beach in Garretstown, Co. Cork, wearing their PuddleDucks Extra Tough Jackets and Dungarees Sets.   Sorcha takes up the story:

We were at Garretstown beach and it was bright but windy and the tide was out.  Ruairi (age 2 1/2) rolled danced and generally marinated himself in the salty sandy/water.  Eibhlin danced and jumped and splashed and many people out walking admired the outfits and commented on what a great idea they were!


 It was such a pleasure to let them play to their hearts content and – never mind the dirt- not to get wet and cold and miserable!. Since then the gear has met the acquaintance of the garden hose and the muddy vegetable plot in the back garden with perfect protection. Well done on quality products and I’m always delighted to support quality Irish businesses.

Thanks Sorcha and thanks too to Eibhlin and Ruairi for your great modelling of the gear.

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