Our own Summer Ideas campaign

When we started PuddleDucks a few years ago we thought that it would be a seasonal business. We’d be busy in the autumn, winter and spring and we’d be quiet during the summer months. For the first couple of years this turned out to be the case but last year was different. Due to the “bad summer” with its huge amount of rainfall we were very busy – with August 2008 our busiest month for sales ever. We felt a little guilty about this – as everyone was feeling glum about day after day of rain, here at PuddleDucks we had order after order coming in.  At least we felt we were helping our customers and their families to get out and about – whatever the weather.

A fine day during Summer 2008

A fine day during Summer 2008

So what will summer 2009 bring? Will it be a bad summer, like last year or will it be the good summer that everyone is hoping for this year?  Like everyone else we hope it’s a good summer – as we’re only human and we love the sunshine! But the business also needs sales during this period – so we’re planning on expanding the range to add “good summer” products.

But what new products will we add?  This is where we’d like your help. Can you think of any new summer clothes or summer items we should add to the PuddleDucks range? They would need to be fairly compatible with our current range and we should concentrate on kids stuff.

My ideas so far are for kids wetsuits and UV suits. Good idea or Bad idea? – please let us know. We’re well aware that these items can be found at your local Dunnes/Lidl at quite a low cost. There would need to be a good reason to purchase them from PuddleDucks such as better quality or a certain better known brand.

We’d love to hear your ideas on this. Are there any items that you have problems finding in Ireland or any items that you needed to buy online from abroad? We welcome all ideas – however wacky!

The best idea submitted will get a €50 PuddleDucks voucher. Please add your idea to the comments on this post. Thanks a lot.


  1. Roseanne said


    Due to a number of factors I will be holidaying in Ireland and I would definitely purchase wetsuits because I don’t have great enough faith for the UV ones. Yes I know they can be got in Dunnes but I also know that for me purchasing online is far less hassle and less time-consuming. Also quality counts and as my boys have a stack of younger cousins (you won’t want to hear this!) I hope that the suits will be durable enough to be passed on.

    So I say bring em on and pre-order two for me!

    All the best,


  2. Catherine said

    Hi Puddleducks,
    As my kids are of the squirmy, go into to sea in swimming costumes in Ireland in March variety, I’m not too hopeful about getting them to wear wetsuits. Would love if they would as they are a great idea for Irish summer beach wear.

    So what I need is something to cover them quickly up once they emerge from the water and are exposed to the sun. And to warm them up as they are then freezing but don’t want to get fully dressed.

    A good quality, washable, tumble dryable Beach poncho/robe ensemble maybe? That can be made in a range of bright/stand out colours so I can identify my children on the beach easily too would be helpful. As my kids range in age from 9 to 2years old, cooler styles for the older ones with pockets etc.

    Best of luck with the new range,

  3. Hi Aedan,

    With the brighter evenings and slightly better weather we are trying to get out and about more. We used a sling front carrier for my son up until recently but now that he is 7 months we are looking to purchase a carrier for our back. I know they are fairly readily available but perhaps its something you could add to your ‘Waterproof Accessories’ range? Its something that could be used through all seasons. I know your clothing range really starts from 1 year but if there was some sort of light weight waterproof jacket that they could wear or that could come with the carrier then that would be great. Not too sure about the packaging and posting side of things and if the carrier would be too bulky?

    Also any waterproof small baby bag (fitting say nappy, neat changing mat etc) that could hang off buggy handles for when you are out and about would be great. The buggy itself has a plastic rain cover but the bag always gets wet.

    The best of luck with any new products.


  4. Roseanne said

    Catherine – great idea re the beach robes especially the bright colours.

    I agree with Martina and understand that you don’t do gear for tinies but an all in one suit for a crawler is a godsend on an Irish beach or when camping, gardening, out and about.

  5. Edwina said

    what about adding accessories that kids will use while they are playing outdoors.

    What about some cool kites? I bought this fab one, that comes in a little bag lately. was only a fiver and got it in a gerden centre of all places but we’re getting so much fun out of it…at the beach especially.

    What about umbrellas for kids? DD loves playing in the puddles and just loves going out with her raingear, wellies and umbrella!

    Another suggestion is to stock good quality fleece jackets, hats, scarfs for kids and adults!! I find it really hard to find nice good quality fleeces for us!! Fleeces are one of those staple jackets we seem to use all year round. In summer they are great for nippy evenings, in they are great layered inside the kids raingear!!

  6. Thanks everybody for your comments and input so far. It’s fantastic to get the suggestions. I will get back to them in detail later. In the meantime – thanks again — Aedan

  7. Sorcha said

    Hi Aedan,
    often you can’t fit very young babies into wetsuits and childrens all-in-ones are very awkward. I came across baby Wrap wet suits which are a great idea for pools that are on the cool side or even the beach. I also think a good range of separate trouser and vest wetsuits would be a lot more practical at the beach because completely stripping a child often seems very cruel. If you could whip off a vest , throw on a poncho and then whip off bottoms that would be great. Also wetsuit booties and hoods aren’t ever available in dunnes and baby ones are hard to get anywhere…

    Good luck in your enterprise,


  8. Noelle said

    I love all the ideas above, especially the beach poncho one. Also what about a fleece poncho for different age groups? I know there is an Irish website that sells them but they are all the same size as far as I can make out for children and adults! Size specific ones in bright colours please 🙂

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