The Starlings are Back

We get our annual visit from a family of starlings every year around this time. They take up residence under the tiles at the corner of our house and raise a brood of noisy and hungry chicks. It’s great to welcome them back.

Just like with us humans, it’s hard work being a Starling parent. Once the little ones have hatched, mum and dad are constantly bringing tasty morsels of worms and grubs to the nest. I’d say they bring the food every 5 minutes and when they return, the chicks make the loudest chirping they can to grab the attention of mum or dad. They quickly feed the “kids” and off they go for more. We’re looking forward to the fluffy young birds making their first appearance outside the nest in a few weeks time. 

Here’s a photo of one of the parents making a delivery of worms earlier today. 


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