Customer Reviews – Winner of May Draw

During April, we introduced a new facility for customers to enter reviews on the PuddleDucks website and we have been delighted with the response since. The review technology was introduced in association with LouderVoice.

The reviews appear on the home page and on the product pages. We feel that the reviews allow customers to help each other find the right product for their needs.

Here’s how the reviews now look on the home page:


We arranged a draw among the customers who submitted a review up to the end of May. The draw was made today by our son, Jake and the winner is Brenda McColgan from Co. Dublin. Well done Brenda – you are the winner of a €50 PuddleDucks Voucher.

We will have another draw among new reviews submitted between now and at the end of July. To enter your review please click here. We’d love to hear your feedback on our products and service.


  1. Krishna De said

    This is great that you have now added the facility for customer reviews as many of your visitors will find that helpful in determining their purchases.

    I wondered why people need to be logged in however to leave a comment – is there a facility whereby people can comment and then you can moderate it before posting it if you wish to as you can do on a blog? It just may increase the number of reviews you receive as having to log into a service to leave a review may be a step in the process that could deter people from leaving feedback.

  2. Hi Krishna – Thanks for the comment. Yes we are very happy with the ability to get our customers feedback captured on the site. The reason it was developed with the customers having to be logged in to post a review, was connected to traceability of the reviewer especially as we wish to offer rewards to customer who have entered reviews. I agree that we would get more reviews if reviewers did not need to log in – we will reexamine the implementation again to see if needs to be changed.

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