Facebook Page Insights – Two of our Fans are Pirates and other Interesting Facts.

If you have a Facebook fan page you can learn lots of interesting statistics by looking at your Page Insights. This shows analytical information about your page, your fans and their interaction with your fan page.

We have the PuddleDucks fan page up and running for over six months now and we have recently passed the milestone of 100 fans. So I think it’s a good time to look at our Page Insights and here are some of the highlights.

All Fans over Time:

This shows that there is a fairly steady organic growth in new fans at about 10 new fans a month. The big jump at the end of March was due to a campaign to get more new fans by using Facebook Ads and holding a prize draw among fans. Note to self – Must do that again soon.

FB Insights 1

Gender Breakdown:

This is an interesting breakdown which I think closely reflects the normal gender breakdown of our customers.

Looking at the breakdown, I see we have 22% Male and 77% Female fans. Wonder what gender the remaining 1% is?!

 FB Insights 2

Location Breakdown:

No surprises here – our business is mostly targeted at the Irish market so this is the expected breakdown. But it’s nice to see we have one fan out there in the UAE – not a market I had considered as a big one for waterproof clothes. Maybe I’ll look into that now (joke!).

FB Insights 3

Language Breakdown:

Now this was a surprise. Two of our fans are Pirates! Well, two of our fans have switched their language in Facebook to English (Pirate) which changes the normal Facebook terms to “Pirate Language” terms. Here’s a few examples:

  • Fans = Crewmembers
  • Friends = Me Hearties
  • Log Out = Abandon Ship
  • Info = Cap’n’s Log
  • What’s on your mind? = What be troublin’ ye

Try it out – it’s good fun to set your language to English (Pirate) for a while. Just go to Settings, Language to do it. But I’m not sure that I’d like to keep it as a permanent setting though.

So to finish, I’d just like to say “Aaar, mateys. It be pleasin’ to have you on board” to our two Pirate crewmembers.

FB insights 4

PS: If you’d like to join as a fan on our page – if you’re a Pirate or not – you can do it here.

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