Reviews on the Go from LouderVoice

As you may know, we have recenttly introduced customer reviews on the PuddleDucks shopping site, powered by LouderVoice. It is proving to be very successful and we are very grateful to have recived some great feedback from our customers on our products and service. As well as appearing on the PuddleDucks webiste, the reviews are stored and displayed on the LouderVoice review site at

It is a simple installation to add the LouderVoice widget to the site and it adds greatly to the customer experience. It has the potential to increase sales conversions as potential customers get guideance on their new purchases.

Now the folks at LouderVoice have introduced a new way to create and display their reviews by delivering a new application for Google Android driven mobile devices.

Android is the mobile platform created by Google and is about to be launched on a number up upcoming phones from well known and less well known manufacturers. The HTC Magic should be the first Android phone that will be launched on the Irish market.


The new application allows users to access and write reviews on their Android device as well as using GPS and location based services to access reviews targeted for where they are at any particular time. As well as the countless reviews entered on the the LouderVoice website, the application will also show reviews from ourselves,  BubbleBrothersRoomex and Klipsch.

You can find the free application as “LouderVoice Reviews” in the Lifestyle section of the Android Market.

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