Changing your Facebook Fan Page Username

Facebook announced a while back that personal Facebook users could change their Facebook url from a randomly selected id to a meaningful url. This was possible for personal facebook pages from last week. So my own facebook profile is now at

However, there was a limitation for businesses with Facebook Fan pages. Initially, You needed to have 1000 fans on your page in order to change the url. We didn’t qualify for this as we have around 130 fans signed up on the PuddleDucks fan page.

From today (June 29th), Facebook fan pages with over 100 fans can now get their customised url. To do this go to and select the username for any fan pages that you administer.

Later Update: It is now 25 fans to qualify for a customised username.

Therefore our page which in the past could be found at:

can now be found at

facebook fan page

This will make it easier to let people know about our page and to include on marketing material, press releases, email signatures, etc.


  1. Thanks v much for the tip & easy to follow instructions!

  2. Glad you found it useful Joe.

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  4. Justin said

    This post was really helpful – and I was able to change my url with 99 fans, benefit of the doubt I guess!

  5. Hi Justin,
    Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found the post useful. Well done on getting your custom url for your Facebook page. Since I wrote this post Facebook have reduced the requirement to 25 fans, so it’s even easier now to get the fan page url.
    — Aedan

  6. This was exactly the info I was searching for. Thanks for posting this. Did a search on FB and this blog came up vs. FB instructions or how to page. How crazy is that?

    • @TiffanyChristine – That is crazy. I think if you use this exact text in Google – “changing facebook fan page username” – this blog comes near the top. But sil below Facebook themselves when I looked. I’m glad I can assist some people with this task.

  7. This post was really helpful – and I was able to change my url with 99 fans, benefit of the doubt I guess!

    • Bobby said


      I’ve got both a personal and fan facebook page. I went in to choose a username for my fan page (because I am the administrator of it) but when I did it ended-up doing it for my personal one…not my fan page (which I wanted).

      From what I’ve read, I cannot switch the username from my personal page to my fan page. Is this correct?

      If so, I’m not seeing where I can go to choose a username for my fan page. It will only seem to let me change it for my personal page.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks very much in advance for your help!


      • @Bobby – I’m not an expert but unfortunately it looks like you cannot transfer your username from your personal profile to your fan page. Have a look at the faq here:

      • Sammi said

        I just went through to do this and noticed there is a link under the box for your personal username that says “Set a username for your Pages.” When you click on the link it minimizes the username for personal profile box and opens a box for the pages with a drop down menu of the pages that you are an administrator for. From there you can make the changes you want.

  8. Beth said

    THANKS so much

  9. Dan said

    excellent info! quick and easy, thanks!

  10. kristie said

    Just wanted to say THANKS for a great resource.

  11. Jessica said

    This was so helpful and your instructions were easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

  12. oleroo said

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you sooo much for the helpful instructions and, especially, the link to directly change your Facebook username! I’ve been trying to do this for my Little Stinker fan page FOREVER and it keeps directing me to start a personal page – it was so frustrating – even thogh I already one!

    FYI, though, you don’t need any specific number of fans to get a unique username… I’ve seen people with less than 50 have one and I personally only have 52 and it let me change mine… so… give it a try, however many fans you might have! Thanks again!

  14. QRazystuff said

    Fantastic… so easy we had our own Facebook Page URL in seconds

  15. tony said

    what if you have a band name with 4 letters???

    its telling me i need at least 5 … ugh

  16. Ian Daniel said

    How on earth did you find out about the 25 fans required, i can’t find the info anywhere on FB. Whoever is in charge of usability at FB requires therapy, its a horrible, lousy interface. My mum wouldn’t have a clue how to create a fan page and do all this. Anyways big sigh!

  17. Thank you for the great post it fan was now I am and i get allot more fans now cool.

  18. Beth said

    Thank you!! This helped a lot!

  19. Becky said

    Thank you Puddle Duck! The information helped me tremendously!

  20. Danielle said

    thank you so much for this info!!! this should be common knowledge, but it took me forever to figure this out!! I couldn’t have figured it out without your blog! thanks!!

  21. Aaron said

    Perfect solution!

    Why is there not an option for this when you click edit settings on the facebook fan page admin section? Makes no sense?

  22. Anshu said

    How to edit the username of facebook fan page, once we set our facebook fan page username..
    can anyone tell…?

  23. Thanks for the instructions. Short and straight to the point. I’ve just accessed the page and changed my username too. And now, it’s much more meaningful.

  24. Archie said


    Im trying to change a name for the FB Fan page, we have about 80 fans now, so its over the 25 fan limit.

    so when I type the username in the graph that says type your desired yousername here, and when I click on “Check Availability” Button, nothing really happens, I thought there was some problems with firefox and moved to IE, same problem here…

    can anyone help me please?

    Thanks In Advance

    • Craig said

      I am having the same problem. i think because you named your personal page with a name they assume that you want your fanpage to ne named the same. They just don’t tell you how to get the fanpage to appear. Cheers

  25. sondra said

    Is there anyway to change the fan page url username?
    I assigned a url username to the wrong fan page (stupid mistake) but can’t find a way to fix it.

  26. creed32 said

    Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been searching for hours now trying to find an answer that you were able to put into a few simple words. By the way, my search was “How to change a fan page url on facebook,” and this page was the 2nd result and Facebook was actually the 3rd result. Haha.

  27. Saša said

    @Sondra NO ! you can’t change url of your fan page, or change name of your fan page … that’s too bad, i’m looking for same thing almost half a year now, and still not possible.

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  29. EARNic said

    how many times we can change the username for fanpage?

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