For Online Retailers, Google Is Still the Business

A survey was carried out among Irish online retailers last week looking at how much traffic was generated by Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft.  


Many thanks to the following for their involvement in the survey: Fred from Pressieport, Ciaran from Mick’s Garage, Anthony from Ummera Smoke House and Michael from Curious Wines. Huge thanks too to Sabrina Dent for her input to the drafting of the press release.


Press Release follows:


For Online Retailers, Google Is Still the Business

Cork, Ireland – 28 July, 2009 – In the two months since Microsoft launched its new search engine, Bing, in a bid to capture market share from search giant Google, new statistics from online retailers in Ireland reveal that Google is still the search engine of choice among Irish shoppers.

Analysis of traffic across five sites from all search engines for the last month showed that Bing has only gained a 3% share of the search engine market, while Google still has around a 92% share of the search engine traffic in the survey.

Aedan Ryan, owner of commented “Google is still the overwhelming favourite for search among Irish online shoppers. The results also mean that getting good search results in Google is still the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation for Irish internet businesses.”

The survey represented a cross-section of vertical retail markets and encompassed, which sells children’s waterproof clothing;, a discount wine retailer; Ummera, which sells Irish smoked foods; Pressieport, an online gift store and Mick’s Garage, which sells car parts and accessories.. Retailers uniformly reported minimal traffic from the new search contender, ranging from 0.7% to 4.4%.

A common complaint among the retailers focused on Bing’s geolocation information. Search engines, including both Google and Bing, use various methods of detecting a visitor’s physical location in order to deliver more tailored search engine results to searchers.

“For a sub-set of users, Bing appears to assume that Irish users are in the UK,” commented Michael Kane, owner of “When these users conduct a search, Bing asks you if you want worldwide results or UK-only results, rather than delivering the Ireland option. This is obviously a significant barrier for Irish retailers, and may account for the minimal impact Bing is having on the Irish market.”

* * *
NOTE TO EDITORS: The statistics were provided for the period June 24th to July 24th and the detailed overall percentages were 91.9% Google, 3.1% Bing, 3.3% Yahoo and 1.7% others. For more information, please contact Aedan Ryan on 021 4372917 or

Links to websites taking part in the survey:
Curious Wines:
Mick’s Garage:

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