Little Splashes

An occasional series of links of interest:

Great article by Claire O’Connell from the Irish Times on the importance of getting the right car seat for you child.

Here’s an extract: IF THERE was one thing you could do to vastly improve your child’s chance of making it out of a car crash alive, and if that one thing cost only €5 per month, you would do it, wouldn’t you?  Yet when it comes to restraining children safely in cars, as many as four out of every 10 Irish parents don’t put so much as a seatbelt on their children, let alone an appropriate car seat. Meanwhile, up to 80 per cent of those who do use car seats and boosters for their kids do so incorrectly, according to the Road Safety Authority (RSA).


Read the full article here.

Survey finds that the cost of child’s education is €70,000, Scary! Read the full article here.

In or around Wicklow over the weekend? Then why not head to the Tinahely show. Looks like a great day out. And if it rains don’t forget the wellies and the PuddleDucks!

Check out other family events over the Bank Holiday weekend on

And to finish, the next  in the series of  “Songs about Rain” is “Why does it always rain on me” by Travis. A cheery kind of tune! Let’s hope you won’t be singing this over the long weekend.

Have a good one!

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