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Facebook Ads: Friends Of Connection Targeting

Facebook have recently added a new way of targeting people to become a fan of your Facebook page. This is called “Friends of Connection” targeting. It means that you can create an ad that will only be displayed for Facebook users who are friends of existing fans of your page.

We have approximately 380 fans currently on the PuddleDucks fan page. Last week, I wrote a new Facebook ad requesting more users to join our page.  This is tied in with our current Facebook contest called “Name the Ducks“. This is what the ad looks like:

When setting up the ad, you now see additional criteria when selecting the ad targeting. This allows you to only show the ad to friends of the current fans of your page (as longs as you are the Admin of the page).

As well as the Friends of Connection targeting I have also filtered on our usual demographic criteria of Female and ages 28 to 45. This gives us a potential display base for the new ad of 7,120 people.

When the ad is displayed to these people, it will also be personalised. For example, say Mary Murphy is a fan of PuddleDucks. When the ad is displayed to Mary’s friends it will say “Mary Murphy is a fan of PuddleDucks” with a  “Become a Fan” prompt below.

As with all Facebook ads to get more fans to your page, you can see the stats for the number of times the ad is clicked as well as the number of new fans you get from the ad (called “Actions”).

In the stats above you can see that we’ve had 8 new fans joined as a result of the ad at a cost of almost $5. The Click through Rate is 0.11% which is low but from my experience quite reasonable for Facebook ads. Overall, an interesting and useful addition to the functionality and performance of Facebook ads.

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PuddleDucks on the Radio

Suzanne was interviewed on The Business radio show on RTE Radio 1 on Saturday 14th November. It was a great opportunity to speak about our business – thanks to the producers of the show for inviting us on.

You can listen to a podcast of the show here (our bit starts at around 40 minutes).

Below is a distant photo of the interview taking place. It’s hard to make out but at the table are from left: Jake, Suzanne, David of and the presenter, John Murray.

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Happy Birthday Sesame Street

It’s the 40th Birthday of Sesame Street and to mark the occasion we’ve got our friend Ernie singing to his Rubber Duckie. From Puddle Ducks to Rubber Ducks!

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New Facebook Fan Page Restrictions

Facebook have just published new guidelines for running draws, giveaways and any other kind of promotions on fan pages. This is very interesting for me as I administer the active PuddleDucks Facebook fan page. I am sure that Facebook have good reasons to cover themselves legally for possible liability from promotions but I feel that these new restrictions are hugely over the top.

FB page

I am a big fan of the possibilities for customer engagement on fan pages. In the last six months, our Facebook page has been the most interesting, exciting and successful form of social networking with customers for PuddleDucks. On the page we engage with fans in many ways. Here are some examples that these guidelines say are outlawed in future.

  • We run a monthly draw among our fans for a prize of DVD’s, fridge magnets, etc.: NOT ALLOWED
  • We communicate the name of the winner on Facebook: NOT ALLOWED
  • We occasionally ask fans to post photos and select a winner among them e.g. our recent Halloween pumpkin contest: NOT ALLOWED
  • We run occasional fun contests and ask fans to guess by posting their answers by commenting on the status update: NOT ALLOWED

I am not sure what problem Facebook are trying to address here but the new guidelines are complete overkill and if enforced, will alienate small business users of Facebook fan pages. I hope Facebook will reconsider.

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Get Fleece-lined for Winter

It really is getting chilly out there so I thought it would be a good time to add a reminder of our new Fleece-lined Suits and Sets.

The Fleece-lined Suit

Elina petrol Abeko Detailed

A lovely cosy all-in-one suit to keep the young ones warm and snug this winter. 

Price: €46.50, Colours: Blue or Lilac,  Sizes: 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years

The Fleece-lined Dungarees & Jacket Set

New Fleece Set Lilac Detailed

A fantastic cosy fleece-lined Jacket and Dungarees set that will keep the kids warm on even the coldest and wettest winter days. The bigger sizes come with waterproof trousers rather than dungarees.

Price: €69.00, Colours: Blue or Lilac, Sizes: from 18mths – 3 years to 9-11 years

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