Dressing for the Snow – Scandinavian Style

The main message is Layer, Layer, Layer!  It’s how the Scandinavians stay warm even in Arctic conditions.
Start with a cosy layer of thermal underwear that fits neatly but not to tightly.  This should be made from a synthetic material – not cotton.  A synthetic material like polyester passes the moisture away from the skin unlike cotton which can leave a cold layer on the skin.

Next you need the warm layers – wooly jumpers or fleeces.
And lastly, the outside layer which should be a waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers.
And don’t forget feet, hands and head!  Socks made from wool or synthetic materials are much warmer than cotton.  Boots should be lined and waterproof on the outside. Choose waterproof mittens rather than gloves. And finish off with a cosy wool hat and scarf.
Once outside and running around the kids will soon heat up, so do adjust zips or remove layers before they get to hot.  Do remember though to put the layers back on though as soon as they stop and before they get cold!
Enjoy the snow!

P.S. Check out our range of thermals, fleeces and waterproof clothing on the PuddleDucks website.

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