PuddleDucks announced as IEDR Optimise 2013 Winner

We’re delighted that PuddleDucks are one of the 20 winners of the Optimise 2013 Fund, supported by IEDR (the .ie Domain Registry).

IEDR’s Optimise eCommerce Website Development Fund provides €150,000 worth of professional consultancy and support to help 20 Irish SMEs and micro-enterprises upgrade their online presence and grow their business using the Internet as a sales and marketing channel.

We are very grateful to IEDR for selecting us as one the winners. We are looking forward to the opportunity that Optimise will provide to take PuddleDucks to our next stage of growth.


The full list of winners of Optinise 2013:

The Butler’s Pantry: www.thebutlerspantry.ie

Killowen Farm: www.killowen.ie

Business World: www.businessworld.ie

Press22: www.press22.ie

Java Republic: www.javarepublic.ie

Rock Farm Slane: www.rockfarnmslane.ie

Wholesale Directory: www.wholesaledirectory.ie

Seavite Bodycare: www.seavite.ie

Viking Marine: www.vikingmarine.ie

Colmac Robotics: www.colmac.ie

Eurocycles: www.eurocycles.ie

Courtlough Shooting Grounds: www.courtlough.ie

PuddleDucks: www.puddleducks.ie

Motive Television: www.motive.ie

Manasik Tours: www.manasik.ie

Square Fit: www.tyresdublin.ie

Anchor Safety: www.anchorsafety.ie

Air Impact: www.airimpact.ie

Datascope: www.datascope.ie

RA Kee & Sons: www.rkee.ie

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