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Our chief PuddleDucks model – through the years!

Our son Jake has always been our chief model for showing off the PuddleDucks gear. In fact, he was the inspiration for starting our business. When we started PuddleDucks early in 2005, Jake was nearly 4 – he’s now 9. So here’s a quick look back Jake’s modelling career from the past five years.

Starting with  one of our early photos showing him having fun in Currabinney Woods with his friend, Dougie. Jake is wearing his first pair of Everyday Dungarees.

In 2006, Jake is posing with our lovely dog, Rory in the garden.

In 2007, Jake is in summer mood showing of our Everyday Jacket (in the front garden)

In 2008, Jake is showing off our back to school jackets and bags.

In 2009, Jake is showing off our fleece-lined school coat. (in the back garden)

And finally here he is last week, showing off our new Blue Impact Jacket.

Time flies, doesn’t it!

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Our own Summer Ideas campaign

When we started PuddleDucks a few years ago we thought that it would be a seasonal business. We’d be busy in the autumn, winter and spring and we’d be quiet during the summer months. For the first couple of years this turned out to be the case but last year was different. Due to the “bad summer” with its huge amount of rainfall we were very busy – with August 2008 our busiest month for sales ever. We felt a little guilty about this – as everyone was feeling glum about day after day of rain, here at PuddleDucks we had order after order coming in.  At least we felt we were helping our customers and their families to get out and about – whatever the weather.

A fine day during Summer 2008

A fine day during Summer 2008

So what will summer 2009 bring? Will it be a bad summer, like last year or will it be the good summer that everyone is hoping for this year?  Like everyone else we hope it’s a good summer – as we’re only human and we love the sunshine! But the business also needs sales during this period – so we’re planning on expanding the range to add “good summer” products.

But what new products will we add?  This is where we’d like your help. Can you think of any new summer clothes or summer items we should add to the PuddleDucks range? They would need to be fairly compatible with our current range and we should concentrate on kids stuff.

My ideas so far are for kids wetsuits and UV suits. Good idea or Bad idea? – please let us know. We’re well aware that these items can be found at your local Dunnes/Lidl at quite a low cost. There would need to be a good reason to purchase them from PuddleDucks such as better quality or a certain better known brand.

We’d love to hear your ideas on this. Are there any items that you have problems finding in Ireland or any items that you needed to buy online from abroad? We welcome all ideas – however wacky!

The best idea submitted will get a €50 PuddleDucks voucher. Please add your idea to the comments on this post. Thanks a lot.

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Christmas Shopping at PuddleDucks

Just a quick reminder that you can shop at PuddleDucks until Thursday 18th December and still get your delivery to any address in Ireland before Christmas.

PuddleDucks Fleeces

PuddleDucks Fleeces

Our range of cosy and fun fleeces are proving to be very popular this year as Christmas gifts. You can see them all here.

Don’t forget we offer a gift wrapping service for a small cost (either €3 or €5). And gift vouchers are also available on the site.

And finally – if you join as a fan on our Facebook page you get free shipping on Christmas orders.

Happy Christmas from PuddleDucks!

— Aedan and Suzanne

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Positive Redundancy

I have written a guest post over at the RecruitIreland blog about my, mainly positive experiences after being made redundant last year. Thanks to Vicki from RecruitIreland for suggesting the idea of writing the post. You can read it in full here.

— Aedan

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Happy Christmas An Post

 Since we started PuddleDucks nearly 4 years ago, we have sent thousands of packages by An Post.  Each and every package has reached its correct destination successfully. So for the time of year that’s in it, we’d like to say Happy Christmas An Post – thanks for the great service.


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Internet Shopping (with us) is Safe!

I’ve recently read reports in the technology press saying that a percentage of Irish e-commerce sites don’t take customer security seriously.  See one of the reports here. I have no reason to doubt the statistics but this type of report fills me with dread, as it gives the impression that it is unsafe to do online shopping with any Irish e-commerce websites.

Firstly let me say this at the top of my e-voice to everyone who’s listening. “We do take security extremely seriously”. Why wouldn’t we? Our whole business (and livelihood!) is dependent on convincing our potential customers to trust us and enter their personal and credit card details on our website. So, here is a list of the reasons why you can be sure that shopping with us at is safe:

  1. All communication of your personal and credit card data is encrypted. Check the “https://” and the padlock on our checkout pages.
  2. We have an up-to-date security cert from Thawte. Check that it is current by clicking on the cert. It will show it is current and it will display today’s date.
  3. For credit card processing we use Realex – the leading payment service provider, also used by companies such as Aer Lingus and Vodafone.
  4. We do not store your credit card details on our server. In fact, we never ever see them.
  5. We show our actual real address and land-line phone number on our homepage. Go on – phone us – we are real people!
  6. We publish a security policy on the site showing the measures we take to protect your personal data.

It is important to educate internet users on how they know whether a certain online shopping site is safe or not. Occasionally, we hear scare stories in the media regarding internet security. In some of these reports, instead of teaching people about the few steps to know when a site is safe or not, commentators often say “To be really sure only shop at large well known websites such as Amazon or Ebay”. This type of advice can have a huge impact our business and is very simplistic. 

Instead, the advice should be “Learn the difference between a safe and unsafe site and then go shop at the safe and secure Irish-owned small businesses (like us!) that are introducing more competition and extra choice to the Irish online shopper. Learn that sites taking the type of security measures listed above can be trusted and you can safely shop with them.” Please!

— Aedan

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Special Offer for Facebook Fans

I’ve just added a Special Offer for anyone who’s joined us as a fan on the PuddleDucks Facebook page: Free Shipping on any orders placed before Christmas.


To avail of the offer:

1. Make sure you have joined as a fan on the PuddleDucks Facebook page

2. Just write “Facebook Fan” in the Customer Comments on your online order and we’ll refund your shipping charge.


— Aedan

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New additions to the PuddleDucks range

When we started out with PuddleDucks in 2005 we had 4 items in our range. I have just counted what we have now and I am surprised to see that we now have 84 items available for online sale. Phew! My … how we’ve grown! 

Anyway, our two most recent additions are our Apron and our new Fleece-lined Coat. We have had them manufactured especially for us,  to our specifications. This is the first time we’ve had this done and we’re delighted at how they have worked out.

Kids Apron

Kids Apron

The apron was made at the suggestion of an owner of a creche who wanted a full length waterproof apron for the kids doing activites like painting and water play. They come in either red or navy and are priced at €8.00. For more information click here


Fleece-lined Coat

Fleece-lined Coat

The second new item is the Waterproof Fleece-lined coat. This was made at the suggestion of a primary school principal who wanted a snuggly school coat suitable for everyday wear. It is made from a soft waterproof material combined with a warm and snug fleece lining. It is a lovely general purpose or school coat. It is priced at €39.50 and more info can be found here.

 We hope you like them.

Oh … and many thanks to our models Andrea, Jake and Sophie.

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PuddleDucks on Twitter

Here at PuddleDucks HQ (aka corner of the living room!), we’re always looking for ways to reach and keep in touch with customers. Things move quickly in the new social media and online PR world and we feel that small online businesses (like us!) need to move quickly to keep up. In the last three months we have started this blog, created a Facebook fan page and in the last few days we have finally set up on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter we’d love if you would follow us here. I am excited about having another way to highlight the news about PuddleDucks and to chat to our followers (and to follow too). I am not sure how it will work for us but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’ll blog soon again about Twitter and our experience of it.

Here’s a snip of the Contact Us details from our Home Page:

Contact Us

Contact Us

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High Visibility Clothes for Winter

As the winter is now fast approaching (sigh!) and the clocks go back this weekend, we have taken the opportunity to pull together all our special high visibility clothes into a new category on the website. You can see all the range here. These clothes are great for the dark mornings or evenings where high visibility is extra important for kids walking or cycling to and from school.

High Visibility Range

High Visibility Range

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