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More Songs about Rain

It’s been a while since I posted videos of “Songs about Rain”. So to catch up and to celebrate the long weekend here’s three rainy videos to ward off the rain for the weekend!

1. Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall.

2. Blue Nile – Tinseltown in the Rain

3. Garbage – I’m Only Happy When it Rains

PS: While going through YouTube for these videos I came across some film clips of rainy scenes. So my next series is going to be “Great Rainy Scenes in Movie History”. I hope there’s a few good ones on YouTube. Any ideas gratefully accepted.

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Puddle Links

This is the first of our link posts. Here I will include interesting links connected to parenting, outdoor play, family days out and just about anything else I come across.

Competition to name the new baby Giraffe at Dublin Zoo

Children need more outdoor play and it’s even good for the eyes.

Heard of Nature Deficit Disorder ? Well, neither had I. Seems like it’s a real issue in the States. And like a lots of things maybe it’s heading this way too.

Red Branch– great organisation promoting a healthier lifestyle for kids.

And lastly, the next in our series of Songs about Rain – it’s the Beatles with Rain from 1966.

Read more about the background to the song and video here.

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Songs about rain – no 2 in an occasional series !

Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again

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Songs about Rain – number 1 in an occasional series !

Singin’ in the Rain


“Singin in the Rain,

I’m singing in the Rain,

If I’d only worn my PuddleDucks,

I’d be happy again!”

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