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Tuesday Push –

The Tuesday Push is a unique way for members of the Irish web/tech community to give attention and a little link love to one of their own. The latest push is for MyMunster – a social network for fans of Munster Rugby.

I am proud to say that I am a Munster fan and I attend as many matches as I can. Munster fans are already a fantastic “real world” community and it is a great fit to recreate that community online. On MyMunster you can join in the discussion, add photos and videos, enter competitions and keep up with the latest news on the team. I have just signed up and look forward to being an active member.

I leave you with a clip of the Munster Haka from the Munster vs. All Blacks match for the opening of the new Thomond Park last November. It was a great night and the best atmosphere at any match I have ever attended.

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TuesdayPush: Pushing the Push

I had been observing Tuesday Push for a while before I had our blog up and running. I always thought it was a great idea – a way for the Irish tech community to support their own in a coordinated way – highlighting a new product or service every second Tuesday across their blogs or websites.

Last year eight companies were pushed. And recently I had the opportunity to partake myself with the last 2 pushes for IGOpeople and Twitter Mosaic.

Tuesday Push is only one of many examples of the community spirit of the Irish tech community. Other examples are Free Blog Training, Open Coffees, Barcamps, Bizcamps, Support on Twitter and IGOPeople. It is really impressive that people are willing to provide free support and time to others in the community.  

There are some guidelines for who can be selected for being pushed. The product or service must be in some way innovative or unique. And you should only push if you genuinely believe in the push-ee.

I look forward to continuing to push in the future.

If you want to be pushed the application is here.

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Tuesday Push – Twitter Mosaic

This weeks Tuesday Push is for Twitter Mosaic developed by Walter at Sxoop Technologies. This is how it works –  Go to the Twitter Mosaic site, enter your Twitter username (no password required) and it displays a mosaic who’s following you on Twitter or who you are following. You can then paste the code to display this on your blog as I have below.

But Walter has taken this a step further – he’s partnered with so you can display your mosaic on a T-shirt, mug, bag or business card. I’ve already ordered my mug and found that the ordering process is simple and straightforward. I paid by PayPal and that worked beautifully.

It’s a great application. Walter demoed it at last week’s Cork Open Coffee meeting and it was interesting to hear how it evolved from the first step through to where it is now. I think it can go further – especially if extended to work with other social networking sites like Facebook.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

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Tuesday Push: IGOpeople – Networking for the Real World

The Tuesday Push is back. I was a spectator when it was running last year and it’s great to take part this year. The Tuesday Push is a way to highlighting innovative Irish tech startups and giving exposure to their service or product.


Today’s push is for IGOpeople – a social network made up of Individuals, Groups and Organisiations. I have joined for PuddleDucks as an organisation and I’m looking forward to some open engagement with customers. I think IGOpeople has the structure to support extended conversations with you communities.

I also have a Facebook Fan page for PuddeDucks. I prefer the IGOpeople interface for engaging with people who sign up for your network. I also preferthe terminology. I am a little embarrassed at having to call people “Fans” on Facebook – joining your network on IGOPeople or being Followers is much more grown-up.

As I say i have joined as PuddleDucks as an Organisation. I also think I should join as an individual so I can join in the chat without carrying the business responsibility on my back.

Overall I am impressed with IGOpeople and would advise anyone to join. After all, the more the merrier – the larger the community, the better the debate.

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