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It’s Back to School Time … soon

When I was of school going age many moons ago, I used to hate the Back to School posters appearing in the shops way before the end of the Summer holidays. But with less than 2 weeks before the schools go back, I think its safe now to publicise our own Back to School range of waterproof coats. 


Shown above are two of the coats in the PuddleDucks Raincoat range:

Jake is wearing the Waterproof Fleece Lined Coat on the left and Shayla is wearing the Rose Petal Raincoat on the right.

You can see the complete range of our raincoats on the PuddleDucks website here.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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Back to School Photo Shoot

Everyday Jacket and School Bag

Everyday Jacket and School Bag

It’s mid July and I’m asking J. to put on his school uniform and smile nicely for the camera. Luckily he’s very obliging as he enjoys being PuddleDucks’ top model. This year for the first time we’re introducing a Special Back to School Page and have a few new products specially in.  J. gets to road test them all and he doesn’t mind even trying on some of the girls stuff if necessary (that might change in a year or two though, but for now, pink or blue – it doesn’t much matter to him!).  A hundred photo’s later and we have one or two that are use-able.  Now it’s down to the still life – School bags and bottles. These are new products for us and harder for me to photograph. As a novice I’m never sure what settings to use and always end up on the reliable Program button! So for once I’m checking the manual for suggestions – but if anyone has any tips (aside from hiring a Pro..!!) – I’d love to know!

 Written by Suzanne

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