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Not so Cuil

I was interested to read the publicity yesterday about a new search engine called Cuil which aims to take on Google as the predominant search engine of choice. A tough task. So naturally I tried a few of our keywords that normally rank highly in Google. When I entered “waterproof clothes” in Cuil I was (at first) happy to see a PuddleDucks image located next to the number one search result.

Cuil Results

Cuil Results

However the site shown next to the image was not PuddleDucks– it was some Italian site – completely irrelevant to the search term. And the accompanying text was for a tent from Halfords! We were nowhere to be seen in the first 5 pages on the Cuil search results, whereas in Google we are result number 2 on page 1 in the list for “waterproof clothes”.

I’m not happy with Cuil. If a user sees our lovely image (shown here)

Butterfly Set

Butterfly Set

– which was taken in our front garden! – they might assume that the image was associated with the site shown alongside. Not so.  

I see (by searching on Google!) that this is a general issue with Cuil as reported here. I have complained to Cuil about this but of course have heard nothing back.

I suppose with any new product it takes some time to iron-out the bugs but this issue seems so fundamental I wonder why they went live at this stage with such a flawed product? And as we all know, first impressions matter. I won’t be switching from Google any time soon.

Written by Aedan

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