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On the beach

We all headed to Fountainstown Beach this morning. Myself, Suzanne, Jake and four dogs – two of our own and two that we’re doggie-sitting this week. It’s a lovely beach and great for walking the dogs when the tide is out. We felt it was our own personal beach this morning as we had it completely to ourselves. We’re lucky. 


Splish Splashing


Jumping for Joy

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On the beach …

On the beach ...

On the beach ...

Fountainstown Beach on a misty Sunday morning – surely this is what Sundays are made for!  Hardly anyone else around except a few other dog-walkers and the sun slowly breaking through the clouds shooing the mist away.  Aed and J attempted a bit of fishing – lots of shrimps and crabs but not much else (all returned to their rock pools later of course) while Pepper ran and splashed and ran and splashed and Rory (our old collie) spent his time lazily sniffing around the rocks.  As for me, well I just enjoyed the whole scene….

— Suzanne

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