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Meningitis Trust Toddle Waddle

Are you ready to waddle? The annual Toddle Waddle in aid of the Meningitis Trust will take place in creches and playschools during October this year. The Trust is one of the charities we support here at PuddleDucks and we’re delighted to do our bit in publicising the event. We will also enclose a Toddle Waddle brochure with all of the orders we send out over the next few weeks.

Here is the information and contact details on the event as detailed by the Meningitis Trust:

During the month of October, along with rugby hero Brian O’Driscoll, Ireland’s nation of toddlers will be out in force for the annual Meningitis Trust Toddle Waddle.  Register by logging on to, by emailing or you can call the Trust’s hotline on 01 2764269 to receive a registration pack.

Over 8,000 children along with their minders have waddled around their local areas in recent years and have raised over €400,000 in sponsorship. Every cent raised during Toddle Waddle month means that more families who are affected by this terrible disease can get the help they need from the Meningitis Trust including counselling and Community Nurse services.

Brian says “I am delighted to support the Meningitis Trust’s Toddle Waddle in 2010. Toddle Waddle is a fun way to get the message of meningitis out to parents and childcare staff and it raises funds for the vital work of the Meningitis Trust in education and support.”

Although meningitis can affect anyone, of any age, at any time, over half of the reported cases every year in Ireland happen to children under 5. Toddle Waddle was created to engage this age group and their parents, grandparents, playgroup teachers and childminders spreading awareness of the disease and its signs and symptoms, whilst at the same time raising funds to support the work of the Trust, Ireland’s meningitis support organisation

Around 250 to 300 cases of bacterial meningitis occur every year in Ireland and there are probably more than double that number of cases of viral meningitis. Children under 5 are regarded as a particularly at risk group and according to recent research, meningitis is the disease most feared by parents.

Register today for your Toddle Waddle and get those little ducklings quacking!

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The Mellow Yellow Recipe Booklet and the Meningitis Trust have recently created a special “Mellow Yellow Recipe Booklet” available with “yellow-themed” recipes from some of Ireland’s best-loved chefs, including Rachel Allen and Kevin Thornton.

The ‘Mellow Yellow Recipe Booklet’ can be downloaded from the MyKidsTime website for only €5 and all proceeds go to the Meningitis Trust. Well worth supporting!

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Meningitis Awareness Day 2009

Today’s guest post comes from Ger Mills of the Meningitis Trust – one of the PuddleDucks designated charities. Ger is highlighting the first ever Worldwide Meningitis Awareness Day on April 25th. Over to you Ger … 

As a parent, I worry every time either of my two children gets sick. Is it just a bug that will pass in a day or two, or something more serious? And when they have a temperature, or get a rash or have a pain in their head, a terrible thought comes to me – it could be meningitis.

So two years ago, when I was given the opportunity to work with the Meningitis Trust, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or what use I would be. I soon realised just how little I really knew about the disease that had occupied my thoughts on so many occasions. But I also discovered that I wasn’t alone and that there was a huge task ahead to raise awareness and provide information that could lessen the toll of suffering caused by this terrible disease.


So, with the first ever Worldwide Meningitis Awareness Day on 25th April just a few days away, I am very grateful for this opportunity from Suzanne and all in PuddleDucks for the chance to share a few of my thoughts.

The Meningitis Trust is Ireland’s national meningitis support organisation, which offers a range of free services to anyone who is worried or affected by meningitis. We get no statutory government funding and have very limited resources, so it’s maybe not surprising that just 25% of people in Ireland even know the Trust exists. So please help me to spread the word!

Meningitis affects communities in every corner of Ireland. This year, another 300 families will suddenly be faced with the reality of bacterial meningitis. Up to 1 in 10 patients will die, with another 15% left with mild-to severe after-effects including deafness, behavioural problems and epilepsy. And hundreds of other families will will be affected by viral meningitis.

Early diagnosis and appropriate medical intervention CAN save lives. The more people know about the symptoms and how important it is to trust your instincts, the better. And raising awareness about the Meningitis Trust Helpline, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days is important too. As a parent, I’ve personally found it a great source of support.


 If you’d like to find out more about meningitis, or take part in the first ever Worldwide Meningitis Awareness Day on Saturday 25th April, log on to our website. The theme is “Join hands across the world against meningitis” and you can join hands on-line with people from all over the world. The website also has lots of information about the Trust’s counselling, one-to-one and home visit services, and education and awareness programmes. You can download a potentially life-saving ‘Signs and Symptoms’ card. I keep mine in my purse – just in case. You never know when you might need it.

Many thanks for the post, Ger. I really hope that the Worldwide Meningitis Awareness Day on the 25th is a great success. At PuddleDucks we also include the Meningitis Signs and Symptoms card with all  PuddleDucks orders. We hope this helps raise the awareness of meningitis in our small way.

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