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Survey Results – Staycations are still the preferred holiday choice for Irish families

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our online survey on Irish Family holiday plans for summer 2011. Here is the text of a Press Release we have sent out on the results of the survey:

Staycations – still the preferred holiday choice for Irish families

The pattern of Irish families taking their summer holidays at home in Ireland will continue again this year.  A recent survey carried out by online retailer has found that 79 per cent of Irish families are planning to staycation in Ireland this year.

This contrasts with the 34 per cent of Irish adults who indicated that they are likely to take a family holiday abroad this year, instead of, or as well as, an Irish holiday. The number of families heading abroad has shown a sharp decline from the 56 per cent of Irish families who holidayed abroad in 2009.

For those planning an Irish summer holiday the two main reasons for doing so were the lower overall cost and the greater convenience of travel.

The online poll was carried out from May 20th to 25th and had over 200 respondents.

With this in mind, children’s outdoor clothing specialist has just released a “Staycation Summer Offer” which combines children’s rain gear with a quality wetsuit for the beach (at a discount of 15% off the normal price).

Suzanne Kingston, owner of PuddleDucks said “Our survey shows that, despite our unpredictable weather, Ireland will be the most popular destination for family holidays again this year. Kids love to be out and about during their summer holidays and if they’re kitted out for rainy days as well as the beach they can make the most of the outdoors – whatever the Irish weather may bring“


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Looking forward to 2009

Last week I wrote a post looking back at 2008. Now to look forward and set goals for the New Year. I hope I’m not too late as over 5% of the year has passed already.

  • Expand the PuddleDucks range. Include more of the products that are successful and remove products that are not so popular with our customers.
  • Review enable the site. Allow customers to enter reviews on the site and by text.
  • Expand the number of shops, schools and creches we supply.
  • Create more professional looking newsletters. Maybe change email supplier from Constant Contact.
  • Blog more often. Find an audience – write content that appeals to the demographic of our customers i.e. parents of young children.
  • Try Ebay again – I have experimented not very successfully with Ebay for selling single items. I’d like to try it again and maybe create an Ebay store this time
  • Improve performance and Return on Investment on  Online Advertising with Adwords and Facebook.
  • Get better organic Google results by concentrating on website content.
  • Find opportunities to get coverage by creating and sending interesting Press Releases.
  • Create a number of surveys and send results of at lease one in a Press Release.
  • Expand our Facebook Fan page, get some interaction going, give fans reason to be fans and provide offers and one-off deals to members.

If I get all that done then I’ll be happy.

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