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Business Nightmares …

Now, I don’t mean the kind of nightmare where you find out your last order of stock is enroute to Hong Kong instead of Cork,  I mean the night-time fast asleep kind of nightmare.  We’ve been pretty busy recently and I’ve been spending a lot of time packaging up our orders into all shapes and sizes of envelopes.  Well, it’s obviously been getting a bit too much because last night I woke in a cold sweat dreaming about Killer Envelopes attacking me!!  Seriously, no kidding, these envelopes were very scary and I had to completly wake up myself again in case I fell back into the dream and back into the hands of the killer envelopes!  Hmmm, I think maybe it’s time to delegate some of the packaging duties…. 


Killer Envelopes!

Killer Envelopes!

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