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6 Top Ideas for Kids Outdoor Play in the Rain

Another rainy day? Don’t keep the kids huddled up inside when there are so many interesting things to do outdoors in the rain. Suzanne from has some fun and creative ideas for outdoor play on a wet day. All the activities are free and all you need are a good set of waterproofs and a pair of wellies and you can brighten up any rainy day!

1. Splashing in Puddles

One of the most fun rainy day activities for all ages and great for letting off a bit of steam. Make a puddle trail by jumping from puddle to puddle or see who can make the biggest splash. Parents are encouraged to join in too!

Tip – put the waterproof trousers or dungarees outside of wellies to help keep feet nice and dry!

Jumping in Puddles

2. Make a Tree House in the Woods

The woods can be lovely in the rain and surprisingly sheltered. Find a spot under some big trees and make a ground level ‘tree house’. Find a tree with a strong low branch then collect lots of broken branches and ferns. Lean the broken branches and ferns in layers across the main branch to make a mini-house under the tree. Use the ferns to make a little door and scoop up some of the fallen leaves for an autumn coloured carpet. On the way, look out for spiders webs as they glisten in the rain.

Tip – wear waterproof gloves or mittens for this activity to protect little fingers

3. Go on a Nature Hunt

Start this activity indoors by getting the children to each draw a chart of some of the animals that they might see, such as snails, worms, spiders, birds, etc. They can then use their charts to count how many of each of these animals they see. Before you head out, give each child a bag to collect anything interesting that they find such as autumn leaves, conkers, coloured rocks and unusual twigs. If you want to make it more structured for older kids, give them a list of items that they must try and find or have some buried treasure ready along the way. Once back home get out the glue and make a nature collage with your collection.


4. Make an Outdoor Toy Land in the Mud or in the Sand Pit

Find a suitable digging area in the garden and bring out a few old toys such as tractors, cars, animals and any little figures or characters that can be used for outdoor muddy play. Allow the children to use their imagination and make an outdoor play land. Make a construction site with hills and quarries in the earth and then drive the tractors around the paths. Or make racing tracks to drive the cars around or mud swamps for dinosaurs or a water park for Peppa Pig and friends.

Tip: have a permanent box of outdoor toys that can be used at the beach and in the garden that are allowed to get muddy or sandy.

250 (2)

5. Driveway and Puddle Rain Art

Chalk works very well in the rain and become thicker and more like paint. Use a range of colours and let the rain mix them together to become a unique work of art on your driveway. The rain will wash it all away afterwards. Alternatively use a few drops of different food colouring in a puddle and stir it gently to make a mirage of colours and shapes in the puddle.

6. Make Mud Pies

For the messiest fun of all mud pies are great! Find a suitable spot in the garden where the kids can dig to their hearts content and using buckets and spades and a variety of different containers add even more water and make some delicious mud pies and mud castles.
Tip – get the hot water on for a warm bubble bath afterwards!

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