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Puddle Links

This is the first of our link posts. Here I will include interesting links connected to parenting, outdoor play, family days out and just about anything else I come across.

Competition to name the new baby Giraffe at Dublin Zoo

Children need more outdoor play and it’s even good for the eyes.

Heard of Nature Deficit Disorder ? Well, neither had I. Seems like it’s a real issue in the States. And like a lots of things maybe it’s heading this way too.

Red Branch– great organisation promoting a healthier lifestyle for kids.

And lastly, the next in our series of Songs about Rain – it’s the Beatles with Rain from 1966.

Read more about the background to the song and video here.

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Songs about Rain – number 1 in an occasional series !

Singin’ in the Rain


“Singin in the Rain,

I’m singing in the Rain,

If I’d only worn my PuddleDucks,

I’d be happy again!”

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