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Drumming for Business

I attended the Women in Business Network Evening last Wednesday.  It’s organised by the Cork City and County Enterprise Boards and usually involves a motivational speaker but we had been told to expect something a bit different this week.  It certainly was! Dave from Team Samba was on board for the night and his mission was to turn a bunch of business women into a Samba Orchestra – in just one hour!  Brazilian Drumming was the order of the night! 

By virtue of the chair that I choose to sit in when I arrived, I found myself as the Lead Bass Drummer and that meant if I missed a beat then everyone went wrong!  That’s a lot of pressure for someone who gave up aerobics due to lack of musical co-ordination!!  Everyone in the room had an instrument of some kind and each instrumental group had to learn their own little piece as well as our combined effort!  I have to admit that I was concentrating so hard on my own drumming that for much of the time I barely noticed the rest of the beats going on around me!  And to be sure, I did make a few mistakes, missing the starting beat (just a couple of times….) which Dave was sure to point out to everyone!  But it was great fun, I don’t think there was anyone in the room who didn’t enjoy it and certainly by the end everyone was buzzing with energy and smiles!  We even managed to play our Brazilian piece to some partygoers from the room next door!  

At the beginning of the evening organiser Joanne Hession (Cork Enterprise Board) had asked the question – ‘If you had know what the evening entailed would you still have come?’  My answer is “Absolutely – but I might have just chosen my seat a bit more carefully next time !!

— Suzanne

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