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PuddleDuckers Out and About 9

The latest in the series of PuddleDuckers Out and About is really a PuddleDuckers In … and In Bed.

It was sent to us from Joanne Hession from Co. Kildare. It shows Joanne’s two year old daughter Megan ready for bed in her unusual bed time footwear. Megan loves her Strawberry Pink Smelly Wellies so much that she doesn’t want to take them off at all – not even at bedtime. This photo was taken by Megan’s sister and budding photographer Hannah aged six.

JHession Wellies

Many thanks Joanne, Megan and Hannah for the photo and story. 

If any other parents would like to tell us their experiences of their children wearing their PuddleDucks please contact us at

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Our new Wellies – you can’t eat ’em…

..but they smell so good!

Introducing our new Smelly Wellies.

We’re often asked if we sell wellies but up to now we haven’t as we we couldn’t find wellies that we really liked.  But we’ve been searching far and wide and finally have found them!  Top quality welllies that are designed for little feet and have an extra fun aspect to them… Strawberry Pink and Chocolate Brown Smelly Wellies!   



As well as being fully functional – great quality, both soft and hard wearing – they also have a unique extra feature – they smell nice!  The pink boots smell just like strawberries and the brown wellies smell like chocolate! The smell comes from a non-toxic food essence that will last for ages.


They cost €17.50 a pair.  Head on over to the PuddleDucks website and check them out here.

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