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Seth Godin on Tribes

Here’s an interesting and entertaining  presentation from Internet marketing guru Seth Godin about Tribes – leading and connecting people and ideas. He argues that the days of mass marketing are over and the new way to affect change and to get your ideas across is through building a community of like-minded people.

In our own small way at PuddleDucks,  we try to create and connect a tribe or community of our customers – people who like our products and are happy to spread the word about them to others. Word of mouth referrals have always been our main source of new business. We often read on our new orders that people have heard about us from ” a mother in the park”, ” a family of the beach” , ” a lady in a shop”, “friends”, etc.

The ways we currently build up our community are through the “PuddleDuckers” section on this blog – where customers tell their own stories, our Facebook Fan page, our presence on IGOpeople and by having  customer reviews on the PuddleDucks website. As stated in the presentation it’s no longer “a mass thing” and that with only 1000 true fans who believe in your products and are happy to spread the word, you can create and run a viable business.

This talk was given by Seth Godin in February 2009 at the TED conference in Long Beach, California. You can read Seth Godin’s blog here – it always makes interesting reading.

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Business Blogging Breakfast, April 22nd , Dublin

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my slides for a short presentation I’m giving at an event in Dublin next week. Organised by the Irish Internet Association, the event is a Breakfast Briefing on Business Blogging at the Burlington Hotel on April 22nd. It runs from 7:45 am until 9.30 am. It’s an early start but promises to be an enjoyable and interesting event.


It’s run under the auspices of the IIA Social Media Working Group and the group’s White Paper on Business Blogging will be launched at the event. The event will be chaired by Brendan Hughes of FBD Insurance and case studies will be presented by myself and Michelle Daly of

Details of the event can be found here. It would be great to see you there.

Right – back to finish off those slides …….

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PuddleDucks on Twitter

Here at PuddleDucks HQ (aka corner of the living room!), we’re always looking for ways to reach and keep in touch with customers. Things move quickly in the new social media and online PR world and we feel that small online businesses (like us!) need to move quickly to keep up. In the last three months we have started this blog, created a Facebook fan page and in the last few days we have finally set up on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter we’d love if you would follow us here. I am excited about having another way to highlight the news about PuddleDucks and to chat to our followers (and to follow too). I am not sure how it will work for us but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’ll blog soon again about Twitter and our experience of it.

Here’s a snip of the Contact Us details from our Home Page:

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Word of Mouse Marketing Seminar in Limerick on October 7th

I travelled up to Limerick yesterday to attend the Word of Mouse Marketing seminar organised by the IIA and the Limerick County Enterprise Board. It was a very interesting and informative event. The morning session was given by Krishna De – the well known Internet marketing and Social Media expert. The whole social media space is one I have an interest in and in the last few months have dipped the PuddleDucks toes in the water of the social media sea. We have this blog, we have a Facebook page, we have started advertising on Facebook and I am soon to start a PuddleDucks presence on Twitter. The reason for all this is to find new ways to reach and keep in touch with our customers about our PuddleDucks products, news, offers, etc. The great thing about marketing on social media platforms is that it is free of charge but does need a sizeable time investment. This is the great difference between the old way of doing things in the established media and the new way on the new social media. As Krishna said – everyone can now be a marketer for their business as the new platforms are free or inexpensive.

Krishna’s presentation was very interesting and here’s a few “to-do’s” I have taken away from it:

  • set PuddleDucks up on Twitter
  • create a PuddleDucks photo page on – maybe show photos of our our lovely gift wrapping
  • register on key social networks
  • check and maybe update my personal profile on social networking sites
  • check on RSS reader on our blog and allow email subscriptions to the blog
  • put link to our Xtreme PuddleDucking video on our next email newsletter!

The afternoon sessions were also very enjoyable especially Fred Karsson of who shared his experiences of building a successful online business. Fred’s presentation was both informative and humerous and it’s amazing how DoneDeal has built their business to be so successful in a relatively short time. One tip I have taken from Fred’s talk is to check our spend on Google Adwords and reduce the Cost per Click for the top performing ads.

Of course the networking opportunities are very important too. I met Liz from StyleBible– who had very kindly written a review of PuddleDucks on her site. I had a long chat too with Roseanne of IIA blog fame about Twitter (she live-twittered the event), blogging and how her kids love wearing their PuddleDucks “fireman’s trousers”.

Overall a very enjoyable day. Thanks to all the organisers and presenters.

— Aedan

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