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Why we bought a .tel domain

The new .tel domain allows you to store, publish and update all your business contact information and keywords on your brand under your domain name. For the .tel domain all the contact information is stored directly in the Domain Name System (DNS). This is different to other domains such as .ie where the DNS only provides mapping between the domain name and the IP address of the server where the domain is hosted..

It’s easy – all you need to do is to buy your the .tel domain and then enter your contact information into a control panel. Your information is then directly live on the internet. The look and feel of all .tel sites is exactly the same, differing only in the amount of information you enter.  Here’s what ours looks like:


 You can buy your .tel for many domain registrars – I bought for 3 years for €15 a year from Blacknight Solutions. It is a very straight forward process and unlike the process for buying a .ie site there is no checking on your credentials for buying that business .tel site.

Here are my main reasons for buying the domain.

  • Protection of your brand name: there  are a number of other businesses called Puddeducks around the world. I would have hated if they already had the taken. I’m glad I now own
  • SEO advantages. I have already had links from the .tel into the main site. The link in the .tel counts as another inbound link to the .ie site, which helps with Google rankings.
  • The .tel domain is optimised for mobile devices allowing your business contact information to be viewed easily on mobile phones and other hand held devices.
  • I’m interested in where the .tel domain will go in the future. It may develop into something really interesting. Already there are iPhone, Blackberry and Outlook applications and there will be more in the future.

While I can see that it is a good idea for businesses to buy their .tel I am dubious for the need for individuals to do the same. Therefore I won’t be buying anytime soon but I’m glad I have and I’m interested in how the .tel domain will develop in the future.

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