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Tuesday Push – Twitter Mosaic

This weeks Tuesday Push is for Twitter Mosaic developed by Walter at Sxoop Technologies. This is how it works –  Go to the Twitter Mosaic site, enter your Twitter username (no password required) and it displays a mosaic who’s following you on Twitter or who you are following. You can then paste the code to display this on your blog as I have below.

But Walter has taken this a step further – he’s partnered with so you can display your mosaic on a T-shirt, mug, bag or business card. I’ve already ordered my mug and found that the ordering process is simple and straightforward. I paid by PayPal and that worked beautifully.

It’s a great application. Walter demoed it at last week’s Cork Open Coffee meeting and it was interesting to hear how it evolved from the first step through to where it is now. I think it can go further – especially if extended to work with other social networking sites like Facebook.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

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