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PuddleDucks on Twitter

Here at PuddleDucks HQ (aka corner of the living room!), we’re always looking for ways to reach and keep in touch with customers. Things move quickly in the new social media and online PR world and we feel that small online businesses (like us!) need to move quickly to keep up. In the last three months we have started this blog, created a Facebook fan page and in the last few days we have finally set up on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter we’d love if you would follow us here. I am excited about having another way to highlight the news about PuddleDucks and to chat to our followers (and to follow too). I am not sure how it will work for us but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’ll blog soon again about Twitter and our experience of it.

Here’s a snip of the Contact Us details from our Home Page:

Contact Us

Contact Us

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