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It’s Back to School Time … soon

When I was of school going age many moons ago, I used to hate the Back to School posters appearing in the shops way before the end of the Summer holidays. But with less than 2 weeks before the schools go back, I think its safe now to publicise our own Back to School range of waterproof coats. 


Shown above are two of the coats in the PuddleDucks Raincoat range:

Jake is wearing the Waterproof Fleece Lined Coat on the left and Shayla is wearing the Rose Petal Raincoat on the right.

You can see the complete range of our raincoats on the PuddleDucks website here.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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Our new Wellies – you can’t eat ’em…

..but they smell so good!

Introducing our new Smelly Wellies.

We’re often asked if we sell wellies but up to now we haven’t as we we couldn’t find wellies that we really liked.  But we’ve been searching far and wide and finally have found them!  Top quality welllies that are designed for little feet and have an extra fun aspect to them… Strawberry Pink and Chocolate Brown Smelly Wellies!   



As well as being fully functional – great quality, both soft and hard wearing – they also have a unique extra feature – they smell nice!  The pink boots smell just like strawberries and the brown wellies smell like chocolate! The smell comes from a non-toxic food essence that will last for ages.


They cost €17.50 a pair.  Head on over to the PuddleDucks website and check them out here.

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Our January Sale

Pop over to the PuddleDucks webite now for some great January Special Offers.

Included in the offers is a special introductory offer for the new Extra Tough Jacket and Dungarees Sets for €49.99.

Extra Tough Set

Extra Tough Set

The offers are valid until the end of January.

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Splishing and Splashing in the Garden

5pm yesterday afternoon.  The rain had finally stopped but our front garden looked like a lake.  Jake just couldn’t help himself.  And when he found out we had a new product to try out there was no stopping him.  Our little PuddleDucker might be getting older but the lure of the puddles is still with him!



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Festival Waterproofs

With the Electric Picnic fast approaching, we have been asked by a few people this week whether we carry a special range of waterproof gear for music festivals. The answer is not really – we don’t have a specific festival range – although the  waterproof hoodie, the dover jacket and the cleveland trousers would be sure to keep the adults dry in Stradbally this weekend. And any of the everyday dungarees, jackets or the all-in-one suit would be great for the young budding festival goer.

But this made us think …. maybe we should source a special festival range for next year. They might include jackets, trousers and capes (get cape, wear cape, stay dry!) in bold, bright colours and designs. If the wellies comes in lovely bright designs why not the rest of the waterproof gear? We’ll let you know how we get on.

If you’re lucky enough to be going the Electric Picnic – hope you have a great time and I hope it stays dry for you.


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